Visible Image Stamps – Utee – by Kim Robertson

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We want to share with you an amazing tutorial by the fabulous Kim Robertson using our NEW Revolution Set

Kim shows how Visible Image stamps can be used with UTEE, because they are such superb quality, and very deeply etched…

Here is Kim’s finished project…

Over to Kim…

I love this effect I think it is very manly and they are definitely colours easily carried off for a guy.

So I took a piece of white card , not too thick so we can crumple it and make it have some creases later on .I stamped the writing from the Revolution set and wow the pattern repeats so easily, and you cannot even tell where it starts and stops. Brilliant! I used a black archival ink and blasted it dry for a few seconds with my heat tool.

I then choose Peacock feathers, Vintage Photo and Walnut stain distress inks and coloured in my usual way ( you all know it now don’t you).
First coat goes on very patchy and you can see the lines etc, ignore it and do another coat it will all come together, these colours all blend well into each other so over lap them this time and get rid of any white of the card this time. Run some Walnut stain around all the edges including the Peacock feather colour do darken and pull the eye into the main focus.

I crumpled the card up but not screwed it up, just made some obvious grooves and dips, a few creases too  so I can get some Gilding waxes onto it a bit later. I added the entire piece onto a piece of brown crinkled paper , It is very thin  so you have to be careful not to tear it but it suits a male card I think. I then cut myself a strip of Hessian ( ahh my lovely hessian, I missed you). I frayed all the edges and stuck it down on the back of the crinkle paper I also added a dollop (techy term lol) of glue to the front of the card under the hessian just so it didn’t lift up or move etc.

I then matted that entire piece onto cream then a piece of soft gold card which i raised up onto foam and added that to a turquoise layer and lastly a thick Kraft layer for the back. So this was our base completed. Now the FUN….

I took a mixture of UTEE and normal embossing powder and opened them ready on the table, I took my stamps (yes my clear, deeply etched wonderful Visible Image stamps )and I coated them in versamark which will help the release.
The fleur de lis is done with 2 layers of normal gold detail embossing powder and 2 layers of utee, reason being , I am going to push the stamp into the Utee and through the layers down into the detail powder melted under those top coats so I will pick up all the wonderful marks and distress shapes in the designs still where you can sometimes miss some with Utee.
Once it begins to cool remove your stamp, slowly but deliberately and there it is a perfect little  Fleur de lis, I took some gilding paste and a paint brush and added lots just inside the the shape then I took a cloth and buffed it to a high shine and added it on foam and to the card. ( I also Inked the white edges of the card to keep it neat)

Then I wanted to use the full horse Image in the same way but I wanted the colours to mingle and run and mottle , This had the same amount of layers but slightly thicker each time, while the powder was still molten move quickly and again push your stamp covered  in versamark straight into the liquid metal. Again let it cool slightly and peel out the stamp, I was really happy with the cleanness under the image and again I used my gilding wax to cover the inside parts of the stamped area and buffed to a shine with a soft cloth.  I tore the edges and inked them with the two browns again and again used a little gilding wax on the edges to finish and pull everything together.

I decided I wanted the liberte word the same way so I went ahead the same way and did that and added it top left, I also decided i wanted a flourish In Ivory in the bottom right to balance the card and I just had enough room if I didn’t use a block yayy.

Lastly I went treasure hunting in my stash  and I found a little metal crown to represent the King and a little gold (acrylic) fleur de lis which had to hit the card too. My last few moments were spent adding a few flat back gems

Well I love doing all these technique type things, it so good to get in there an play and see what comes of it isn’t it.
What do you think?

Here again is the fabulous set I used to create the above card.


Wow! Thank you Kim for this awesome tutorial! xx

You will find more of Kim’s wonderful work and tutorials over on Kim’s Blog

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