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Veerle Moreels has a stunning tag to share…

Lately this question/discussion pops up among my friends and on my social media: are we artist’s or just people with a hobby.

I see myself as someone with a hobby, not an artist at all. The simple reason for that is: I can’t draw. My parents gave that talent to my brother ^.^ Being able to start from scratch, drawing or painting every single line themselves, writing every word and bring a text that touches my soul… that’s what I call an artist. Educated or self taught doesn’t matter.

I would love to be able to draw. So thankfully there are stamps helping me out, and how happy I was when the ‘Face it’ set from Visible Image came together with the stencil. Maybe I would be able now to “make” a “drawing” of a face?  I had to give it a try…

And I was so happy with the outcome.  It really looks like a drawn face even though I cheated and started out with the stamps and the stencil. They made a perfect base for me and my plain grey pencils.

I will definitely will have another go at this. Anyone want to give it a try?

Products Used:

Face it

Face shape mask & stencil

Own it!

Beautiful Veerle  Such a great idea to use the stamps for this sketched look ♡

You will find more gorgeous projects over on Veerle’s blog.

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