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Hello! We are back with more amazing NEW stamps inspiration here on the blog today!

Elina Strömberg has got her hands on our Face it stamps…

Have you seen all the gorgeous new stamps Visible Image has just released? If you have missed some, you can view the entire new collection here!

One of the inspiring new sets is Face It! that is perfect for cardmaking but also for art journaling. I played with the set and the face stencil last weekend, and made this painted journal page:

2017-02-09 Visible Image - face stamps - life can be tough - Elina Stromberg

There are several layers of acrylic paints and crayon colours on the page, and I really enjoyed the creative process. Painting a face has never been so easy! She has a serious face, and I thought the stamped quote was a perfect match to her expression:

Using the face stencil is super simple. The only thing that may require some attention is the positioning of the eyes, nose and mouth. The eye line divides the head in half (measured from the top of the head to the chin), and a common mistake is to place the eyes either too low or too high. My impression was that the stencil is indicating the face shape only until the hair line, so the eye line is above the center of the stencil. Once you have the eyes in place, the printed face image on the stamp set will help you in positioning the mouth/nose.

The below picture from WikiHow may be helpful:

If you’re not creating a complete face (like on a card) there’s usually no need to consider the positioning at all 🙂

Here are pictures of the Visible Image products I used (click on the pictures for more info):



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Wow! Incredible journal page Elina ♡ Thank you!

You will find more of Elina’s amazing cards and projects over on her blog.

Thanks again for visiting, we will be back with some fantastic inspiration from Teresa a little later!

Mark & Helen xx