Personalised Stamps by Visible Image

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog today!

We are really excited to be releasing some very special stamps…

And… they are all about YOU!

You put a little bit of ‘you’ into every card and project you make,
so why not add your own personalised stamp as the finishing touch! ♡

3 awesome designs in brilliant fonts…

Personalised Stamps - Visible Image

So which one are you drawn to???

Not to be missed as this is a ONE TIME ONLY offer that will not be repeated!

Whether you want one for yourself, or to buy one for a friend or family member as a gift,
you will absolutely love these gorgeously thick, deeply etched, personalised stamps ♡

Available to order in our shop from today until the end of May!

We hope you love them ♡

Have a great day!

Mark & Helen xx