Grungy Poinsettias

Gill’s fabulous mixed media card was created with our POINSETTIA GRUNGE stamps and dies AND OUR ICONIC CHRISTMAS stencil.

[Tutorial] I started to create the vintage grungy background on my gel plate with a first layer of red paint then put the ‘Iconic Christmas’ stencil on to it (remembering to reverse it on the plate). After the first pull I then put gold paint on the Christmas letters and the stars and bauble, removed the stencil and left to dry. I then layered again with red paint and pulled my print. Using the first red gel print I stamped out the large and small Poinsettias embossed in gold and die cut out. I added some more colour and details to the blooms. I stamped the Christmas words from the set and embossed in gold. Next I splattered the background in white, and also highlighted the words in white, adding a bit extra on top of letters to create a snow effect. To finish, I edged the card in gold gilding wax and layered up the Poinsettias. Gill ♡

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