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Hello! It’s a beautiful sunny Bank Holiday here in Wales and we are looking forward to a day off in the sunshine! It’s been so busy here so the rest is welcomed with open arms! Our NEW stamps are well on their way to stockists all over the world, and will be making their way to customers very soon now! Veerle Moreels has beautiful inspiration for you today, featuring stamps from our NEW ‘Into The Woods’ set, which includes our awesome bare tree stamp….

Did you already see the new release Visible Image shared and is available May 11th?  If not, you are missing out on beautiful sets and stencils.  You get the whole deal: great designs and words that give you the chance to tell your story.

I love playing with their words. They are perfect on their own but they also give you a chance to put parts of them together and make whole new sets of words. So versatile and they never lose their strength. On my first project you can see how I brought two different sentences together to make a new one. I have put it on a card here but I can already tell you that I have other plans for this one… for this whole card as a matter of fact ^.^ but I need to go and have myself a bit more paper first.

bare tree stamp - visible image


And then there’s that tree… and those two other tree scenes… and those owls. What can I say other than they are just perfect and they speak to me. So many ideas and I only started stamping them separately, even though they match together so great to make beautiful scenes.

But look at it, just one of the stamps and yet a great silhouette of the woods.

And yes, there are words in the set too…

grow stronger - forest stamps - visible image

So don’t hesitate to go and check out the new releases. I’m pretty sure you will get as enthusiastic as I am when you see them ^.^

Into The Woods

forest stamps - visible image


Voices in your Head

make your story incredible - quote stamps

These are both absolutely stunning Veerle.. love how you have used these stamps ♡
Thank you!

You’ll find more inspiring projects over on Veerle’s blog.

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We will be back later with another stunning card from Jane Tyrrell. Make sure you pop back and check it out!!

Mark & Helen xx


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