How Fragile Are We

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Veerle Moreels is here with a stunning new tag…

How fragile we are…

How fragile are we…

It always amazes me how, by just switching the two last words from place, you get (well I get) a completely different feeling. And depending on what the feeling is that is racing inside of me I’ll choose one or the other…

And it isn’t very hard to make a project using these words. Visible Image has enough stamps that match these words AND the little reminder I want to give myself.  Choosing the colors wasn’t hard either… this project needed black and white. And then this little tiny red heart…at the end of a very fine root of the tree.

Clean and simple, yet strong enough for me with all my tiny elements coming together…

Stamps Used:

How Fragile

Leave Your Fears

Such a beautiful tag Veerle.. thank you  ♡

You’ll find more inspiring projects over on Veerle’s blog.

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We will be back later with an awesome card from Heather Mitchell.

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One thought on “How Fragile Are We

  1. I saw your stamps this weekend at the Art Specially Event, a great 2-day mixed-media fair in Nijkerk (Netherlands). Hobby Resort (webshop) used them in a workshop. Beautiful. I put a few of your stamps on my wishlist. And I do hope to see your productst at the ASE 2019.

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