Love Yourself

Hello! Yes we are back with another inspirational project featuring our new stamps!

Veerle Moreels has a fabulous video tutorial for you, showing how she created this stunning tag…

What’s in a fingerprint?  When you look at it…there’s nothing much to see. It are just some lines and you leave them behind because you have dirt on your fingers.

But when you take a bit more time to not just look but also think… there is more behind those lines. You see, they are unique for each and every one of us. They are you and that is a strong message when you put it down onto paper. Everyone can copy your signature, everyone can try to look like you inside and out. But no one can put your fingerprint onto paper. And you yourself… can’t try to change that fingerprint. Well you could always cut new lines into them or burn them off… but I don’t feel like doing that on purpose ^.^  And I don’t feel like changing those lines…

Enjoy the video!

Stamps used:

Bloom and Grow

Beautiful tag Veerle and loving the message behind this project. Thank you for another wonderful video tutorial, we could watch you create your gorgeous backgrounds all day… ♡

You’ll find more amazing projects over on Veerle’s blog.

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There is still lots of inspiration to come this weekend! Hope you will come back soon.

Thanks for visiting us today!

Mark & Helen xx

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