Introducing Paul Browning @ Visible Image

Hello there! It’s another exciting day here at Visible Image as we announce the awesome NEW designers joining our team!

First up is Paul Browning, who’s very different bold and quirky projects really caught our eye…

Paul Browning

Hi There. I’m Paul Browning. As I’m typing I’m staring at a looming 49th birthday. A year to get used to that big number. Especially when I’m still a 16 year old kid at heart. I live in South Manchester, UK, with my civil partner of ten years, and partner of 17 years, Nick (next year we are upgrading/downgrading? to married status). We share our humble home with the most spoilt cat on the planet, Basil. I drew, read and wrote short stories as a kid. I wasn’t encouraged in art but went on to study photography at college. Hated it when I went to work in the industry. I went on to signmaking, which led me into Graphic Design. Years later, I discovered altered art, altered books and scrapbooking. I have since indulged in almost every craft there is. My present obsession is art journalling. I love a bold use of colour and graphic layouts. However, I’m ever evolving and my clean and simple design past is straying into the messier side a little. I’m influenced by street artists, indie illustrators and urban art. I’m drawn to the weird, the rebellious, the off-beat and the downright outrageous. In my downtime, apart from crafting, you will find me out and about hiking in the Peak District, or at an art gallery, especially contemporary exhibtions.

Paul Browning 1

Paul Browning 2

paul browning 4

Paul Browning 3

These are just a few of Paul’s awesome projects!  You’ll find more over on Paul’s blog and instagram account.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Paul to Visible Image, we’re sure he will inspire you with his brilliant creations!

We’re really looking forward to working with you Paul, and excited to see what you do with our stamps next!

We will be back soon with our next introduction.

Mark & Helen xx

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Paul Browning @ Visible Image

  1. I feel your pain with the birthday Paul!! I hit 49 in June..

    Great artwork. Looking forward to seeing your creations for Visible Image. Enjoy and have fun ♥

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