When Technology Lets You Down…!

Good evening! Firstly we have to apologise for the lack of posts here on the blog lately.. we are really letting our Design Team down not sharing their gorgeous projects! We will be catching up with those really soon! But things have been more than a little crazy here…

Tonight’s post is a little update of what’s happening here at Visible Image base camp!

So… most of you know that we decided to put on a crazy Black Friday SALE on November 27th with a MASSIVE 40% OFF a huge selection of stamps… over 100 different designs! We didn’t have to do it.. we wanted to. It was a ‘thank you’ to all our customers for supporting our small (but growing) business!

We limited the stock in the sale to stock that was already made, in the hope that you would all receive your orders really quickly… you know how we love to provide an awesome and very efficient service! However… our website had other ideas!!! We had no idea how crazy those first few hours would be.. in fact more than just a few hours! The number of orders received were way higher than anticipated which was amazing…But, stamps were selling out fast and it seems the website just could not keep up (although it was actually the woo commerce site not our website guys.. as they are truly awesome!).

The result was this… a large number of customers did not receive confirmation of their order… If that was you, we can only apologise. You should however have received your payment confirmation from Paypal, or Sagepay if you paid by card. So you would know your order went through successfully if you got this 🙂

For all these customers who did not get an email… neither did we! This meant a huge amount of time had to be spent manually regenerating all those order emails… something we could have really done without!

Unfortunately we have discovered another issue… in the madness of everyone trying to buy the same stamps that were selling out fast, the website sold more stamps than it had in stock… a HUGE problem for us as this means that all these stamps now need to be made, rather than just being picked from the stock! As we make all the stamps ourselves, this is something that is easily rectified, apart from the fact that it will take us some time to make them… and for them to dry and then be cut and packaged before we can post them to you.

If you don’t know much about us, we are Mark & Helen, just the two of us, and we do everything ourselves here at Visible Image… from designing the stamps, right through the manufacturing process, and hand cutting every stamp and packaging them all too. So you can hopefully see the situation we are in.

On top of this, we are about to make our return to Create & Craft TV this coming Saturday, and Mark needs a little time to finish preparing his amazing demos for the show, on top of all the stamp making… we really do need to clone him!!!

Anyway, the point of this post is this… firstly we would like to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you who are waiting patiently for your orders, we hope you think they will be worth waiting for… not only the awesome designs and superb quality of our stamps, but with the 40% OFF you received 🙂

We have received a large number of calls, emails, and Facebook messages chasing orders, and for every one of these it is taking us away from the task of catching up. So please, please be patient, we would really appreciate it. We have been working around the clock, bringing stamps home to cut into the early hour of the morning, we worked all weekend when we should have spent some time with our girls. We don’t want any sympathy, just a little understanding of the situation we have found ourselves in, due to technology letting us down.

Normal ‘awesome’ service WILL resume shortly… but some of you might be waiting until next week for the stamps that need to be made. We are part shipping orders so at least you will be receiving some of your order, and the remainder will follow asap. We would like to point out that 80% of orders HAVE already been sent out 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read this very very long post! We will be back with some gorgeous inspiration from the team soon. If you want to see it sooner, come and join us on Facebook where we are only 2 away from 2000 group members!!! 🙂

We hope you will tune in to Create & Craft TV this Saturday, to see Mark and Pauline Butcher demonstrating live on air! More details of the show coming soon.

Have a good evening, and thank you again for loving our stamps and for your understanding and patience.

Mark & Helen xx

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8 thoughts on “When Technology Lets You Down…!

  1. I have been poorly so have not had time to make Xmas cards this year so you can take your time with my order if that helps xx regards Karen Price

  2. No worries sounds like you are having a nightmare! I have always been delighted with your stamps and the designs are fantastic. Don’t mind the wait, I’m treating it as an extra Christmas present! hope it all gets sorted soon!

  3. Thanks for the update Helen and Mark. I’m patiently waiting for the last few stamps I ordered. I have plenty to keep me busy in the meantime. Love your stamps so much and I’m glad I didn’t miss your shows as I thought I had.
    Take good care of yourselves. Best wishes from katielou sweetlove

  4. I totally understand your dilemma Mark and Helen. As a retailer in Australia of your fantastic Visible Image products I can shout out loud that your service, your attitude and your generosity is exemplary.
    There are few other manufacturers anywhere that come close to you.
    Sending Hugs
    Julie Short

  5. You guys are truly awesome, it is such a shame that you have lost precious time with your girls in order to get the stamps out when the problem was not your fault……

    I don’t mind waiting for mine so please don’t rush!!! I would rather wait a week and know that you spent the evening playing with your girls…

    I hope the technical problem and any subsequent harassment by people for their stamps has not put you off doing another great sale in the future because you guys rock……….

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