Oz Flying Monkey Visible Image Stamp!

Hi! Thanks for coming to see us again today on the Visible Image blog 🙂 We are SO EXCITED!!!

Just ONE MORE SLEEP NOW until we reveal our

NEW Wizard of Oz inspired stamps! 

To celebrate 75 years of this awesome  film.

You’ve already had sneak peeks of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and The Wicked Witch! scroll down if you missed them 

Here is the final sneak peek!!!

Release… The Flying Monkey!


Visible Image stamps - OZ Banner Monkey

Wickedly cute isn’t he!

And of course, each character comes in their own unique set of stamps!  

Tomorrow –  Saturday August 30th  – all will be revealed!!! And they will be available to pre-order! Release date Friday September 5th, so get your order in early and be the first to get your hands on these incredible stamp sets!

Join our Facebook Group and be the first to see all our NEWS and sneak peeks!

Come and join our EVENT on Facebook for your chance to WIN one of these amazing NEW stamp sets

See you back here tomorrow!

Or We’ll Release The Flying Monkeys!!! 😉

Mark & Helen xx

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